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Sustainable Distillation

The Desolenator is an integrated system that uses solar power in a novel way. A typical solar panel is only ~15% efficient at turning solar irradiance into electricity; the rest of the input energy is wasted as heat.

The Desolenator uses this low-grade ‘waste’ heat to warm up water in a reservoir to 95°C. This hot water is then passed into a small internal vessel, where the electrical energy produced by the solar panel is used to boil the water.

This produces distilled water vapour which is condensed in an internal heat exchanger to produce clean drinking water, whilst retaining the latent heat within the device to assist in a continuous cycle of production throughout the day.

The Desolenator is equipped with a small computer board, enabling data analytics, remote monitoring, GPS locators and mobile micro-payments.

Portable Model

  • Up to 8 litres of water a day
  • Suitable for camping, households, emergency use
  • Available from 2019

Household Model

  • Up to 20 litres of water a day
  • Suitable for households, rooftops, gardens, sustainable homes
  • Available from 2019

Community Model

  • Up to 10m3 of water a day (customizable for requirements)
  • Suitable for hotels, industrial, communities, corporate sponsorship
  • Available from late-2019
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