Water Independence. Just Add Sun

Desolenator is a clean technology venture that has developed and patented what’s on track to becoming the most affordable and environmentally friendly method of water purification on the market.

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A Billion People do not have access to clean water

There is not enough water to go around. The causes are common knowledge - groundwater reserves are increasingly contaminated and becoming saline through pollution and rising sea levels. This, coupled with a growing population, the effects of climate change and industrialisation has created one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. 97% of the Earth’s water is in its oceans, but current desalination technologies are highly inefficient and dependent upon non-renewable sources of energy.

The Desolenator

Our patented technology uses only solar power to purify water from any source, including sea water; which is especially critical in regions where natural groundwater reserves have been polluted or poisoned or where seawater is the only water source available. Desolenator has a lifespan of up to 20 years and requires very little maintenance; it uses no filters, no membranes, and no pre-treatment chemicals.

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Desolenator is a clean technology venture that provides the first real solution to the global water crisis, with the vision to operate on a global scale from the outset. Our holistic approach to the challenge, working across public, private and third sectors, has enabled the development of a solution with the potential to expand multiple markets and improve the lives of thousands if not millions of people in a profitable and sustainable way.


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