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Our Vision

We believe in universal access to safe and sustainably-produced water.
Our vision is Water Independence.

Core Technology

Our integrated patented system combines the thermal and electrical energy from a PV panel, with a process of heat exchange to produce pure water. As such, the Desolenator is completely energy independent.

100% Solar


Our device is 100% solar-powered, so can be used for remote deployment

High total dissolved solids (TDS)


We can process high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), including heavy metals, contaminants and seawater.

< 1c/L


We are on track to be much cheaper per litre than existing solutions.

No Consumables


We use no consumables like filters and membranes, therefore prolonging device lifespan.


In the Press

News and Updates

The #Finalists at today's round of the #vizagferstival with Team @Desolenator

@VizagFinFest VizagFinFest

We have started! #ExpoLive Global Innovators Summit with @expo2020dubai and @desolenator

Team @desolenator Madeleine Bell briefing @UKinBangladesh on the possibilities of #solar #water #desalination for those in need, today in #Dhaka!


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