Founder’s note

“Apparently I fell off my chair when it all came together…”

Years of living near toxic desalination plants and witnessing the effects of water scarcity on communities prompted Desolenator’s inventor, William Janssen, to develop a more reliable and sustainable way of producing clean water – humanity’s most basic need.

With no ideal solution on the market, William worked at evenings and weekends on the prototype in his living room (with thanks to a very patient wife), trying to make a device that could utilise two of our most abundant resources – sunlight and seawater. But things weren’t as straightforward as he had hoped. Despite an engineering background, the yields from the early prototypes wouldn’t produce nearly the output of water that would be necessary for a family.

Then, one day in May 2012 , came the Eureka moment that would transform his life, and turn Desolenator from a hobby into a potentially global-impacting device. “It was the internal heat exchanger,” William explains, “it was the missing piece of the puzzle that would produce the vital stronger yields that I had been trying for. Apparently I fell off my chair when it all came together…”

Soon introduced to Alexei, a serial entrepreneur based in Kerala, India, and Desolenator took off. First winning Climate-Kic in 2014 and then successfully crowdfunding in 2015, the team expanded to become a fully-fledged company. Today Desolenator has 10 full-time employees, strategic investment, and offices in The Netherlands and London.

“Whether in Southern California or South Sudan, there huge numbers of people who need this product,” continues William. “By combining out invention with like-minded partners worldwide, we are determined to increase the number of people experiencing, what we like to call, water independence.”